Yogurt / Dahi Cup Filling Machine

Micron has designed and developed flexible rotary type cup filling and sealing machines.

The machines are available as per the requirement of the customer starting from single lane up to four lanes. The machines are suitable for filling of liquid and pasty products such as Milk, Cream, Butter, Jelly, Juice, Jam, Yoghurt, Cheese, Margarine, water etc.

One the most important feature of the machine is, the  machines are very compact and require very less floor space. 

The Machines are suitable to fill the volume from 10Gms. To 1000Gms. The machine is suitable for preformed stackable cups which can be heat sealed by Aluminium/Plastic foil . The flexibility of the machine also provides the option of snap-on-lids. Providing a batch coding system is also possible on the conveyor.  
The machine is a combination of mechanical movements and some functions having pneumatic operations. The use of Hardened cam Profiles offers a Long Life & Accuracy to the machine. 

The machine can be utilized for different cup sizes. This is possible with the help of change parts. The change over form from one cup size to another cup size is very easy can be done within 30-40 mins.

The machine is available in two versions that is CIP & Non CIP. In CIP version the Hopper, Piston & Cylinder can be cleaned without dismantling the same. Further for clean & Hygienic production the machines can be supplied with Sterile Air Cabin as an option.

An user-friendly PLC with TOUCH SCREEN  is used to control all the functions and the inter locking like:

No Cup – No Fill
No Cup – No Foil
No Foil – No Sealing

All these features makes the machine most flexible and reliable.

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